Chemin des Vignobles

The project

The Chemin des Vignobles is a big excursion itinerary, winding between the Valais and the Aosta Valley, which let to know the visitor the wine growing and producing world, through the discovery of the territory, its landscape beauties and cultural values. On the Switzerland side the route starts in Martigny and finishes in Leuk. In the Aosta Valley the itinerary goes through the whole central valley from Aosta till Pont-Saint-Martin. The Chemin des Vignobles is a complementary offer to the "Route des Vins", which leads the tourist along the wineries and the vineyards, following an itinerary winding through the whole Aosta Valley territory. The peculiarity of the Chemin des Vignobles is the presence of a continuous path, that can be well travelled over. This track lets you to live a precious experience of hiking, leading to the discovery of the landscape beauties, the cultural treasures and the alpine vineyard's tradition. The Chemin des Vignobles is therefore an original and "sporting" way to follow an important stretch of the "Route des Vins" of the Aosta Valley. Following "the Chemin des vignobles" the hiker can find a series of facilities, both accommodation and restoration structures, in order to organize the trip both for the day walk and a several days visit. The project is also a good opportunity to know the wine grower's activity, addressed to the development of a sector, which even more contributes to the qualification and promotion of the image of the Aosta Valley and the Alps, as a place of production of rare and internationally well known wines.    


A good opportunity to plunge into history and culture 

The Chemin des Vignobles is a veritable chance to plunge into the history of the Aosta Valley and the Valais, to discover places rich in art and popular traditions and to feel the spirit of these two mountain regions. All long the track, a signal system includes besides the directional signs, also didactic and illustrative panels where are described the route beauties and particularities. Each panel recommends different subjects, pointing out the "not to lose beauties" just off the itinerary. The Chemin des Vignobles runs along the itinerary of the "Via Francigena" and crosses the most beautiful vineyards areas of the region. This is a further element of valorisation of this itinerary, allowing the hiker to follow the steps of the ancient pilgrims, that went to Rome, crossing the Alps by the Great St. Bernard pass.    

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